Collection: Dermal Piercing

The dermal piercing is a single point piercing where a small anchor is placed underneath the surface of the skin, with a single jewel visible at the top. These can be placed on almost any flat surface of the body, though we do recommend areas that move less and are less likely to get caught and knocked.

Dermals can be temporary piercings and may last 6 months - 10 years depending on how well they are cared for and how well the body accepts it.

We have a large range of jewellery for you to choose from for your initial piercing, and once it has healed. Jewellery can be changed after 3 months, once the piercing is well healed and anchored.

INITIAL PIERCING: on the face, a 3-4mm top is recommended so it is not too bulky and less likely to catch.

On the body, a 4-5mm top is recommended to reduce the risk of the jewellery embedding into the skin.

ONCE HEALED: your choice of any top.
Dermal Piercing

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