Collection: Tongue Piercing

The tongue piercing is done in the middle of the tongue (between the 2 tongue muscles).

You may be able to get multiple tongue piercings in line in the centre, or Venoms (one on either side of the centre).It is the most common and traditional placement for a tongue piercing. These are anatomy dependent so we do recommend an in-person assessment to determine if this is suitable for you. 

We have a large range of jewellery for you to choose from for your initial piercing, and once it has healed. 

Tongue piercings are always done with a longer barbell to allow room for swelling, and can typically be downsized after the first 2-4 weeks once all the swelling has settled.

INITIAL JEWELLERY: 20mm barbell.

FIRST DOWNSIZE: 16mm barbell.

ONCE HEALED: 12-16mm barbell.

*The above sizes are estimates and depend on your piercing placement and anatomy.

Please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Tongue Piercing