dermal piercing

Dermal piercing

A dermal piercing, also known as a microdermal piercing or single-point piercing, is a type of body piercing in which a small hole is made in the skin and a jewelry piece is anchored under the surface of the skin. The jewelry typically consists of a small, flat plate with a stem that is inserted under the skin and held in place with a dermal anchor. The plate is then visible on the surface of the skin, and a decorative piece, such as a gem or ball, can be attached to the plate.

Dermal piercings can be placed almost anywhere on the body, although they are most commonly placed on the face, neck, and chest. They are considered a form of surface piercing, as they do not pass completely through the skin like traditional piercings.

Dermal piercings can be more complicated to perform and care for than traditional piercings. They require specialized techniques and equipment, and they have a higher risk of infection, rejection, and other complications. It is important to research the procedure and visit a reputable piercing studio or professional piercer if you are considering getting a dermal piercing. It is also important to follow proper aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing and minimize the risk of infection or other complications.

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