Collection: Labret

Labret studs are a stud with a flat disc at the back, and your choice of ball or top at the front. They are simple and suitable for most ear and lip piercings.

There are a range of designs and sizes to suit different piercings.

Labret studs are available in different attachment styles depending on your preference:

Externally threaded - this is where the ball has a hole, and screws onto the labret.

Internally threaded - this is where the ball has a small threading on the bottom, and screws inside the labret.

Threadless - this is where the ball/top has a small pin on the bottom with a slight bend, and pushes into the labret, held in by tension.

Balls/tops must be the same attachment design as the labret stud to be compatible, eg. you cannot put a threadless top onto an externally threaded labret.