About Keen on Piercing

Keen on Piercing offer Professional Body Piercing studios offering a fantastic piercing team with extensive knowledge and skills.

With welcoming and professional piercing studios in
Keen on Piercing Newmarket | Keen on Piercing Henderson
Keen on Piercing Tauranga | Keen on Piercing Mount Maunganui

We invite you to come in today and check out our great prices, large selection of jewelry and amazing staff.

Over the years in service to you, Keen on Piercing has become a well known and trusted brand. Our team has an extensive knowledge about all things in the industry and skills to match.  Keen has a wide selection of body jewelry both online and in-store to supplement your new look, or to change your existing piercing to something new and exciting.

We do not substitute quality for cost, we have excellent relationships with our suppliers which is how we are able to offer quality professional body piercing and jewelry at an affordable cost.

We operate on a first in, first served, walk in service, so no appointment is needed. We do not offer a late night as we are open 7 days. 

Please see our AGE RESTRICTIONS on piercings in the FAQs page.

Come in today and check out our GREAT PRICES, large selection of physical body jewelry…… OH, and our amazing team.