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Any item(s) purchased come with a 14 day, no questions asked right of return.  If you have received your order and for whatever reason are not happy, send it back in the original unopened heat sealed package.  You can return it for a size exchange, store credit or refund to your credit card/ bank account.

Please note that any return shipping costs and subsequent damage will be your responsibility. Item(s) must arrive back to us within 14 days of purchase.

All item(s) must be in its original unopened heat sealed bag- so before you break the heat seal, please check that the style/size is what you expected.  Once the heat seal is broken we can no longer accept the item back for a return or exchange.

All you need to know about Kids piercings

Kids piercings is a tradition that has been in many families for generations. It can be an event that many parents look forward to, however, the debate on when you should get your child’s ears pierced comes up time and time again. This guide will help answer some of the key questions you may have about piercing your children’s ears.

What is the appropriate age to get my child’s ears pierced?

It is more common for girls to get their ears pierced when they are young, and boys when they are slightly older. It can be an event that many parents look forward to, however age is no restriction at Keen on Piercing.

When choosing earrings, what metal is best?

You or your child may gravitate towards sparklier earrings, but when you first get your ears pierced it is recommended that you get Surgical Grade Steel or Titanium earrings and posts. Why? Because this metal doesn’t contain any nickel or alloys that may cause an allergic reaction. Allergies to nickel and cobalt are very common, so it is advised that you avoid earrings that contain these metals. 

Other than Surgical Grade Steel or Titanium, other safe options include 14Kt gold. It is important that you ask what the earrings are made of before causing unnecessary possible comfort to your child whilst wearing them.