How to care for a new nose piercing pierced with a cartridge

How to care for a new Nose piercing, pierced with a cartridge


To care for your new nose piercing you should clean it with the recommended Simcha Piercing Aftercare solution morning and night. Apply the solution to a cotton bud and gently clean around the jewellery on both sides of the piercing to remove any scabs/crust. Continue this for at least the first 2 months, and then until your piercing is no longer producing any scabs or crust.

Nose piercings are  extremely sensitive to knocking and bumping! Twisting, turning and any general touching will cause the piercing to swell and will increase the healing time. If your piercing is knocked or touched often, a small lump may form beside the piercing known as hypertrophic scarring. This lump is your body’s way of protecting your piercing from knocks and bumps and is very common. Please contact the store for more information on how to care for this.

Your jewellery is one whole piece, and the end of the stud is slightly thicker to prevent it from falling out. We do recommend sleeping with a plaster over the jewellery for the first 1-2 weeks for peace of mind that it will not come out while you sleep.
You can generally change the jewellery in your nose piercing after 2-3 months, if your piercing is pain free and not causing any issues, and the piercing can take 6 months to fully heal.



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