How to care for a new Septum piercing

How to care for a new Septum piercing



To care for your new septum piercing you should clean it with the Simcha Piercing Aftercare solutions morning and night. Apply the solution to a cotton bud and gently clean around the jewellery on both sides of the piercing to remove any scabs/crust. Continue this for at least the first 2 months, and then until your piercing is no longer producing any scabs or crust.

If you have chosen a circular (horseshoe) and need to have it hidden:

You may choose to wear the jewellery tucked up into your nose for the entire healing process. 

You should keep the jewellery in the same position for at least the first 4-6 weeks - please refrain from moving it up and down for this time.

When you do need to flip it up or down, wash your hands thoroughly and clean the piercing with one of the Skin Piercing Aftercare solutions before moving the jewellery.

After your piercing has fully heaed (generally about 6 months) you can tuck it up and down as needed.

You can generally change the jewellery in your septum piercing after 2-3 months, and the piercing can take 6 months to fully heal.


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