How to care for a new Dermal piercing

How to care for a new Dermal piercing



A dermal anchor is a semi-permanent single point surface piercing that can be placed almost anywhere on the body. 4mm underneath your skin there is a small “t” shaped plate, with one side longer than the other. This plate has 3 small holes designed so that the skin will grow into the plate, anchoring the dermal in place. 

To ensure that your dermal anchor heals flush against the skin it is extremely important that you wear a plaster over it at all times for at least one month. This will ensure that the plate is constantly in the same place allowing for a much stronger anchor. 

You will need to remove the plaster twice a day to clean the piercing with one of the recommended SIMCHA Piercing Aftercare solutions. Apply the solution to a cotton bud and gently clean around the jewellery to remove any scabs or crust, then cover with a new plaster. Continue this cleaning for at least the first 3 months, and then until your piercing is no longer producing any scabs or crust. It can be difficult to clean underneath the jewellery, so you can also rinse the piercing thoroughly in the shower to loosen any scabs, then clean and dry it thoroughly after the shower.

The jewellery on top of your dermal anchor can be changed when the plate is completely anchored, which is usually after about 3 months. Full healing can take up to 6 months, however if you wish to keep your dermal piercing long term then you will need to continue caring for it as long as you have it. If you knock the piercing and it becomes tender, then you will need to cover it with a plaster for 3-5 days and clean it daily with a Skin Piercing Aftercare solution, to allow the damaged skin cells to recover.

If you have any concerns or would like to have your dermal piercing removed, please feel free to come in for a consultation.


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