How to care for a new Surface piercing

How to care for a new Surface piercing



To care for your new surface piercing you should clean it with SIMCHA Piercing Aftercare solutions morning and night. Apply the solution to a cotton bud and gently clean around the jewellery on both sides of the piercing to remove any scabs/crust. Continue this for at least the first 3 months, and then until your piercing is no longer producing any scabs or crust.

For the first 2-4 weeks, please keep the piercing covered with a plaster (one plaster over each end of the piercing if required), changing this twice a day to clean the piercing and replace with a fresh plaster. 

Surface piercings can migrate slightly during healing. This is where the skin thins out and the jewellery moves forward from where it was originally pierced. This is very common and typically it will settle into position and continue to heal successfully.

In some cases, surface piercings can reject or grow out completely. This is where the piercing does not settle and continues to move forward. You may notice a red/purple line between each side of the jewellery, and the skin thinning out more. If this does happen then we would recommend removing the jewellery to avoid more serious scarring. 
We recommend downsizing the jewellery after 2-3 months, if it is healing well and not causing any issues. This will reduce movement/irritation for the final stages of healing which can take up to 6 months.


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